The first Room Escape in the Ripollès region. Come to enjoy a funny, entertaining and team-work experience that will take you to the 10th century by the hand of the abbess of Sant Joan.

“Early in the 10th Century, the Counts of Cerdanya, Urgell and Barcelona, ​​sons of Guifré el Pilós -first Count of Barcelona-, in order to take over the lands of the valley of Sant Joan to their sister Emma who rules the Abbey, have ​​pressured Pope John X to force her to hand over the Monastery of Sant Joan and their lands.

Emma has hidden in the monastery the document, signed by the inhabitants of the valley, which confirms her as the owner of the lands. In one hour, the Pope’s emissary who has come to pick up the document, will leave for Rome, but the brothers are holding Emma prisoner and only her knows where the document is hidden. Further to that, the soldiers of the counts are besieging the monastery and want to burn it in order to eliminate any evidence of the true owner. Only a group of inhabitants of the Valley, faithful to the Emma, ​​have the clue to stop the soldiers and find the document”

Sant Joan Escape

Room Escape and team building

In order to enjoy a Room Escape and become victorious, teamwork is an indispensable factor as these games are designed to achieve the goal of leaving the room interacting the whole group, generating synergies and getting empathy among all the members of the group.

When starting the game and entering in a closed room, the group has a time limit to be able to reach the goal of leaving it in less than an hour. The personal skills of each member of the group will be very important, their relationship with the environment, their management of time, the interaction of every person with the rest of the group and, therefore, the good operational and group management will be basic. If we don’t share the clues to everybody, it will be impossible for the group to solve the enigma.

The group (that can be formed from 2 to 7 people) will experience an evolution in their group work that will evolve the group towards a team aimed at a single objective, find the document and leave the room.

In a Room Escape you will have to work each and every one of the basic characteristics of a teamwork: communication, cooperation, creativity, empathy, conflict resolution, good and bad leadership, egos clash, computing, blockages, trust and organization. It will depend on the good running of the group to achieve, or not, the goal of the game. It is for this reason that this modality of live escape game is of great interest to all those people and companies that want to promote, analyse and enhance teamwork. Undoubtedly, the mix of adrenaline, tension, fun and teammate greatly enriches this experience and, if overcoming the challenge altogether, it serves as a merging activity for all kinds of groups.


Sant Joan Escape
Sant Joan Escape
Sant Joan Escape

Sant Joan Escape


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